Are you a business, HOA, or commercial property that is considering investing in your landscaping? Why haven’t you already? Does investing in commercial landscaping feel like a “luxury” that your budget can’t afford?

We at Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions understand when there is simply no room in the budget, but commercial landscaping can actually be a real asset to your business and is more affordable than you may think. If you are considering changing up or installing commercial landscaping, but you’re unsure how to make it happen, call us! We at Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions serve Celebration, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, and the surrounding areas and would love to help you figure out how to have commercial landscaping that you will love and can fit in your budget!

Here are some reasons to invest in commercial landscaping:

Attract More Customers

Beautiful and manicured landscaping can attract more customers, as well as impress prospective clients and residents. Landscaping can communicate the quality of your business and the services you provide, as well as your professionalism. Also, people are naturally attracted to beautiful and inviting spaces created by landscaping.

Make Employees Happy

Beautiful and professional landscaping also makes your employees and residents happy. A property plagued by dull, overgrown grounds can be depressing. One that provides adequate shade for a walk or moment outside, is green and colorful, and looks orderly will definitely make your employees and customers happy, and happy employees or customers is always a means of investing in your business.

Reduce Safety Issues

Landscaping that is trimmed and in order reduces safety risks. Grounds that pose possible safety risks can be incredibly detrimental to your business or lethal, due to a lawsuit. Dead branches that could fall at any moment and shrubs that are overgrown, obstructing parking lot views, are examples of the hazards that could exist on uncared for property.


All these areas in which landscaping enriches your properly are also valuable investments for your business. You will have the opportunity for more business, will have happier employees or occupants which will always be in your favor, and will be reducing risks that could take away from your business’s financial well being.

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