Commercial Landscaping For Orlando Area Businesses

It’s often said that first impressions are everything. It’s true in job interviews, it’s true in relationships, and it’s especially true for the landscaping of your business or commercial property. When a potential client is interested in your business, they’re looking for more than a great deal, or business venture. They’re looking for your presentation skills and your attention to detail. If your landscaping isn’t up to par, a potential client might take their business elsewhere.

Don’t run the risk of ruining that first impression before a client even makes it through the front door. Commercial landscaping takes skills, knowledge, and expertise. Your clients count on you to meet their needs, why not work with landscapers who are there to meet yours?

With Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions, you can guarantee that your business’s landscaping looks as good as your customer service record. If you’re not already investing in commercial landscaping, read on to find out why you should contact Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions today to start managing your commercial landscape.

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

The natural world is all around us. From the leaves on the trees to the blades of grass under your feet. Your business’s connection to nature takes the form of the landscaping around your building or property. Vegetation, like trees, shrubs, grass, native plants, and flowers are part of this landscaping. Additionally, the pathways, courtyards, water features, and more are part of your landscaping as well. When all of these things seem to work harmoniously together, it creates an experience that anyone near your business will appreciate and enjoy.

When you’re running your own business, you’re more concerned with keeping your customers and employees happy and hitting your profit margins. Thinking about how to best mow the lawn out front isn’t at the forefront of your mind. But what if we told you that you could address both of these problems with one simple solution?

A proven commercial landscaping company like Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions will take into consideration every aspect of your landscape. We’ll look at your vegetation, your decorative elements, and the infrastructure of your property to develop a commercial landscape management plan that best meets your needs, and the interests of your customers. With our landscaping services, you’ll quickly find that your business sees an increase in clients, and your employees are working harder than ever.

Who Needs Commercial Landscaping?

If you own your own business or rent a commercial property, you absolutely need commercial landscaping. You always want to draw clients into your business, whether it’s a hotel, dentist office, or corner store. The best way to do that is by creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that makes every step they take toward your door a pleasant one. From a client’s perspective, would you rather approach a business by walking down a nice footpath, flanked by a nicely manicured lawn with flowers and trees? Or, would you like to stare down a worn dirt path with scrub brush and weeds overgrowing it?

The answer is clear. Good commercial landscaping creates a positive impression that exudes confidence and security. Those are values that you embrace as a business owner, let it reflect in your landscaping.



Benefits to Commercial Landscaping

Great commercial landscape management can provide your business with bountiful benefits, including ones you might not have thought about. We’ve highlighted some of the best reasons to hire a professional commercial landscaping team like Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions in Central Florida.

Commercial Landscaping Provides An Economic Advantage

You’re always looking for a way to edge ahead of your competitors. You’d be surprised how much more business you’ll do with a nice looking landscape. Studies have shown that businesses with nicer, better-kept landscaping actually find that clients spend more time at their business. A well cared for landscape signals that your business is focused on efficiency, and quality care.

Not only will your clients spend more time at your business, you’ll save money with strategic commercial landscaping elements. By having shade trees, and other vegetation, your landscaping can influence the micro-climate around your business by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. That translates to savings on your heating and cooling costs. On average, with a nice selection of shade trees, you can lower your summer cooling bills by 25 percent! In Central Florida, a savings like that adds up fast!

Commercial landscaping shouldn’t be viewed as a business expense, rather it should be seen as an investment opportunity. It’s estimated by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association that commercial landscaping can increase the value of a property by an amazing 14 percent.

It’s not uncommon for certain business parks, business districts, or neighborhoods to have established standards and guidelines for the exterior maintenance of a business or property. If your landscape isn’t up to these standards, you could be facing fines and fees, forcing you to spend money that’s better invested back into your employees and products.

Commercial Landscaping Saves Money

Unless you’re a florist, or a landscaper yourself, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on a landscaping project for your business. Between selecting the right trees and flowers and matching them to the right soils, and gauging climates and sunlight exposure, creating an inviting landscape for your business can seem like a full-time time job. Good thing it’s ours! When you hire a commercial landscape management company like Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, literally and figuratively. We’ll plan out landscape management approach that works for your business, whether you’re just getting greenery planted, or maintaining the trees that have been there since before your business started. Focus on your business, we’ll focus on ours!

Hiring a commercial landscaper also eliminates the need for your business to purchase and maintain costly landscaping equipment. You might think you can get away with that old lawnmower you got from your garage, and a weed whacker you got on sale at the local hardware store, but you’ll quickly be outmatched by the needs of your landscape. We use the latest and greatest in equipment to care for the landscapes of businesses in Orlando, Windermere, Celebration, and Dr. Phillips.

Commercial Landscaping Can Protect Your Company

Imagine a client is rushing into your business, excited to strike a deal. But halfway across their lawn, their foot gets caught on an exposed tree root, and they fall to the ground. Their twisted ankle could be a liability to your business. Beyond paying for their health care expenses, you might see a jump in insurance premiums as a result. A qualified commercial landscaper can prevent accidents like these, while also beautifying your outdoor spaces.

Florida is no stranger to weird weather patterns. Wild winds, pounding rain, and heavy hail can take a toll on your property’s landscaping. You wouldn’t want weakened and damaged tree branches looming over your walkways and entrances. Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions can clear your overgrown landscaping, remove the weeds in your walkways, and keep downed branches out of your parking lot. All of these things make your business safer, and more accessible to your clients.

Commercial Landscaping Keeps Your Business Healthy

You want your business to stay busy. Once you have a commercial landscaping company to manage your outdoor spaces, you’ll see more clients heading your way. But an added benefit is the health of your business and its employees. Studies have shown that being outside for even a few minutes each day can improve the mood and overall health of a person. In fact, even just having a nearby window with a pleasant view is shown to have similar effects. Employees who can view pleasant nature scenes have lower levels of stress than those who don’t. By providing an attractive and inviting place for your employees to visit during the breaks, you’ll notice an improvement in their attitude, and as an added perk, an improvement in their work quality too!

You’ll also add to the overall health of your community. Adding greenery like trees, flowers and shrubs has a variety of health benefits. Your landscaping will encourage bees to live nearby, and small animals like birds and squirrels will happily take up residence. People from the surrounding community will flock to spend time in your well-kept landscaped areas.

Planting vegetation that matches the soils on your commercial property is good for the long-term health of the soil. You’ll minimize the risk of soil erosion around your property. While soil erosion may not sound like a problem you should be concerned with, it very much is. Roads and paths can be disturbed by soil erosion, which can lead to cracked pavement and uneven pavement. This erosion could cause tripping hazards.



Regular trimming and mowing of plants reduce the amount of allergy-inducing pollens that arise during spring time. Your clients and employees will thank you when they don’t have to sneeze their way through the parking lot on the walk to the front door. Plus, adding plant life to your landscaping can reduce the amount of harmful carbon in the air around your business, allowing you to breathe easier than ever before.


What To Look For In A Commercial Landscaper

Now that you realize the importance and the impact of commercial landscaping, you might be ready to begin the search for a landscaper. It might be tempting to pick the cheapest company on the web, or to turn to your kindly neighbor with the green thumb in an effort to save money. But cutting corners now could cost you in the long run.

When selecting a quality commercial landscaping firm, keep these things in mind. A good landscaping company will help you plan and install greenery that compliments your business and your budget. They’ll then create a maintenance strategy that provides monthly or seasonal services for weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning and planting. Most importantly, a good landscaper will keep your business’s best interests in mind. They’ll be proactive in their planning and maintenance to keep your business looking its best.

Do all of these things sound familiar? That’s because Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions is leading the way in quality commercial landscaping in Central Florida. We’re a Top Rated Local® Landscaping company for a reason. We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on our top-tier customer service, hard work, and a focus on honest and trusting communication. We’re detail-oriented, and work hard to get the job done right the first time.


Choose Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions

Since 2010, Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions has been proud to do our part in supporting local businesses and commercial properties in the Orlando, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, and Celebration area. As one of Central Florida’s fastest-growing commercial landscape maintenance companies, we emphasize excellent customer service with an unyielding attention to detail. We’re ready to go the extra mile to make your landscaping the way you want it to look. As your Orlando area Top Rated Local® Landscaping company, we strive to be the best, and we’re ready to prove it to you by making your grounds look spectacular, while ensuring your trees, plants and other vegetation are happy and healthy.

So, take a minute and think about the first impression you’re making with your business. Your customer service is top-notch, your employees are helpful and clever, and your products are second-to-none. Shouldn’t your landscaping reflect all of these things? Make sure every first impression your business makes is the best one possible with the commercial landscaping services of Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions. Contact us today and ask about our Special First Time Offers.

Still not convinced? Visit our Testimonials page and read reviews from our satisfied customers and clients. As a fully licensed and insured landscaping service, we’re well-prepared and ready to help you and your business grow. We’re also excited to offer HOA landscaping services. Get your free quote today!