Owning your home is quite the achievement. It’s a reflection of your hard work and perseverance. As part of a Homeowners Association, you have to consider what values and accomplishments your neighbor’s homes reflect too. As a community, you want to demonstrate your commitment to safety and security while still presenting an inviting and welcoming image.

Whether you’re a member of the HOA or sitting on the board of directors, keeping the neighborhood looking its best is always a priority. From the color of the paint on a new home to how many cars can park on the street, HOAs have a lot to consider when they create plans for how to make their properties look their best. Often, this means that HOA’s are interested in the overall landscaping of the neighborhood or complex. As a result, for many HOAs, their biggest expense is their landscaping budget. This makes sense, after all, by keeping the HOAs appearance attractive, property values can rise, buyers are drawn to the area, and residents have a beautiful place to live.

With all of this in mind, it seems obvious that every HOA in the Central Florida area is looking for qualified landscape management companies. Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions has assembled this comprehensive guide on how to select your HOA landscaping company, and what the benefits of using a quality landscaper are. Read on, and see why Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions is the obvious choice for you HOA’s landscaping needs.

Selecting The Right HOA Landscaper

The primary purpose of a Homeowners Association is to ensure the overall market value of the neighborhood, and to protect the individual homes therein. An HOA creates rules and regulations that keep individuals or lone properties from impacting that market value. With the financial interests of the neighborhood at the forefront of any HOA committee’s mind, investing in landscaping is an easy way to ensure uniformity across the community and that the whole community benefits from this investment. But choosing the right landscaper can be a difficult process when there are so many companies offering their services to the residents of Orlando, Windermere, Celebration, and Dr. Phillips.

When selecting a landscaping company for your HOA, keep these things in mind:

Services Offered

When deciding on a landscaping company for your HOA, it’s important to figure out which services they offer. While you might think of obvious services like lawn mowing, you might not think of other services like planting new trees and maintaining landscaping infrastructure like paths, and water features. Comprehensive landscaping care should include services like tree planting and removal, sod installation and removal, mulch installation, and even the creation of garden beds. A quality HOA landscaping company should offer services that meet your community’s existing needs, and then exceed them.


A great HOA landscaper will have your community’s values in mind as they work with you. They’ll take into consideration your budget, your existing landscaping, and your vision for what your landscaping could be. They’ll create a maintenance schedule that bests fits your community’s busy lifestyle. Whether that’s every week or every month, a good landscaper will advise you on the best use of your landscaping budget, and how to best care for your greenery and vegetation.

Adding Value To Your Community

Because HOAs are committed to increasing the value of the properties within the association, prospective landscaping clients have to think about how these services add value to their properties. Fortunately, landscaping is an obvious and immediate benefit to nearly any property. The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association estimates that landscaping can raise the value of a property by an impressive 14 percent. This can make a major difference to you and your residents. But the financial benefits of landscaping can help in less obvious ways too.

Tangible Benefits

By strategically planting shade trees near homes, the microclimate around the property cools off. Some studies have shown that shade trees can cool a microclimate by nearly 25 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime. In the hot and muggy summers of Central Florida, 25 degrees can make a big difference for the comfort of residents, and can save them an enormous amount of money on their air conditioning bills.

An attractively landscaped community draws more buyers to it when a home goes up for sale. This makes the market for these homes more competitive, raising the overall value of the homes around the one for sale. Moreover, once a new family moves into that home, they will be more likely to stay in that community because of the landscaping. The result is that homeowners take more time to invest in their home, and carry out improvement projects that add to the value of their home.

Hiring a professional company to provide landscaping for you HOA saves your committee and your community members money in the long run. There’s no need for individual homeowners to purchase and maintain their own landscaping equipment. Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions uses the latest in landscaping equipment, and maintains them to exacting standards. More over, by letting professionals manage your landscaping, residents are spared having to spend their money twice. If your neighbor botched their bonsai with a hack job, they’ll need to call in a tree care specialist anyway. Why not save them the headache and let a landscaper do it right the first time?

Naturally beautifies your HOA landscape

While all of these things are tangible to some degree, your community will enjoy the intangible benefits of a well landscaped HOA as well. Studies have overwhelmingly shown the positive mental health effects of the outdoors and nature. When individuals spend even a few minutes outside each day, they report an alleviation of feelings of isolation and depression. They feel more centered, and healthier overall. Happy residents means happy communities. If HOA members have attractive and calming places to spend their time outdoors, they’ll spend more time there. The result is a greater sense of community engagement, as neighbors get out of their homes and interact with each other in the beauty of their well-landscaped communities. This, of course, leads to an increased sense of responsibility on the part of the HOA community to care for and maintain these outdoor spaces to guarantee the high-standards of beauty that has been provided for them.

Great landscapers choose plants and vegetation that are native to your Central Florida location, and best work with the soil content there. This prevents soil erosion that can cause damage to the foundation of nearby homes, and the excess runoff of water used to care for plants. By matching plants to the soil, both are healthier, and your community looks healthier as a result. This reduces water consumption because the plants in your community are naturally suited to the Central Florida climate. This saves your residents money on water costs. The average home spends nearly $300 a year on watering their lawn alone. Doesn’t it make financial sense to have vegetation that already agrees with the humid climate of places like Orlando, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, and Celebration?

Regular mowing, trimming and other landscape maintenance can improve the physical health of your residents as well. By staying on top of your landscaping, the work that your landscaping companies does actually reduces the amount of pollens plants and grasses released in the springtime, and into summer. This can lead to a decrease in allergic reactions, and fewer trips to the doctor for your residents. Moreover, by introducing more greenery and vegetation into your HOA community, you are reducing the amount of harmful carbon chemicals in the air. Plants naturally filter these carbons, and convert them into fresh, healthy oxygen. Your neighbors will be able to more fully enjoy their daily lives when they can breathe clear, clean air.

Risks Of Not Using A Landscaper

The risks for not using a landscaper, or not using a qualified landscaper are obvious. Using an unlicensed and uninsured landscaper can come with financial risks like liability costs, lawsuits, and more. If you hire a cheap landscaping company, you might have a gang of under-trained and ill-equipped workers parading around your community, using their equipment improperly, hurting themselves and your neighbors. The HOA board and the community could be held responsible for the mistakes these companies make if they lack insurance. By not using a vetted, and well regarded HOA landscaping company, the quality of the landscaping care might also be subpar. Your community garden might be sparse, and poorly tended, and the plants around your neighborhood could stand wilted, and worn.

When working with a licensed and bonded company, your HOA can guarantee that the landscaping work is done in a timely, and thorough manner. A professional HOA landscape management company will only hire qualified individuals who pass background checks, and meet rigorous hiring standards. This means there is no threat of suspicious characters wandering around your neighborhood under the guise of landscapers.

When using a landscaper, you reduce the amount of natural hazards in your HOA community. The weather patterns of Central Florida makes the region uniquely suited to damaged trees and weakened branches from heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. A quality landscaping company will quickly address these hazards, making sure there are fewer branches hanging over streets that could fall, and damage property like cars, cause injury to residents, or impede foot traffic. For smaller damage, like damaged flowers and shrubs, a landscaping company will quickly restore your HOA community back to its beautiful self after a severe storm.

Using a professional landscaping company like Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions is an obvious way to ensure that everyone in the HOA follows the landscaping guidelines. When one company, rather than one household, is responsible for the overall aesthetic vale of the neighborhood, it makes life easier. It doesn’t cause any strife because individual properties are no longer seen as responsible for decreasing the neighborhood’s value if they don’t stay on top of their yard care.

Choose Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions

If you view your community as a painting on a broad canvas, the landscaping of that community make up the tiny brush strokes that ultimately make up the grander beauty of the image. A premier landscaping company like Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions will survey the entire community, and create a plan that makes sure that every element works together in harmony.

Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions has been supported local HOA neighborhoods and communities in the Orlando, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, and Celebration area for over a decade. We are one of the fastest growing HOA landscape maintenance companies in Central Florida, and for good reason. With superb customer service skills, and an attention to detail unmatched by other companies, we’re the obvious choice for your HOA landscaping needs. When you choose Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions, you’re choosing more than a landscaping company. You’re choosing the best way to add beauty, joy, and value to your HOA community.

When you think of your home, and HOA community, what values do you hold dear? You want your community to project the values of engagement, openness, safety, and joy. Shouldn’t your landscaping reflect all of these things? Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions is here to make your HOA community look its best, and find the best ways to express the values of your community. Contact us today and ask about our Special First Time Offers for HOA landscaping.

We’re Central Florida’s Top Rated Local® landscaping company for a reason. Visit our Testimonials page to hear from the customers and clients that are ecstatic to use our services. As a fully licensed and insured landscaping service, we’re well-prepared and ready to make your HOA neighborhood the best looking in Central Florida. We’re also excited to offer commercial landscaping services. Get your free quote today!