dreamstime_xxl_55483033Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions & Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees are an important aspect of your property and add dimension to your residential or commercial landscape. Not only do trees make your landscape unique, but they also are a natural aesthetic that adds value to your property. While most trees and shrubs are planted to add privacy and shade, it is our goal at Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions to design your entire residential and commercial landscaping, keeping function, purpose, and beauty in mind.

Putting Your Needs First

With more than 12 years of experience, the team at Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions not only understands how to plant trees correctly, but can help you make the right choice, ensuring that your trees and shrubs thrive for years to come. From preparing the ground to ensuring that your tree is planted correctly, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with superior planting and landscaping service. Working with both commercial and residential property owners, we offer tree and shrub installation services at a price that can’t be beat: Affordable, quality work is something we are proud to offer, making beautiful landscapes, not only attainable, but practical for anyone.

We Go the Extra Mile

Specializing in installation, the landscaping contractors at Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions go the extra mile to provide you with what you need. As your reliable residential and commercial landscaping and maintenance company, trees have been our business for years. We not only understand what types of trees and shrubs grow the best, but we can provide you with insight and suggestions that will make your landscape visions become a reality.

Tree Removal

We also offer shrub and tree removal service, as well as installation. We can help you access if it is time to remove your tree and what to do with the space once your tree is gone.

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For more information about the kind of trees and shrubs that will work best for your needs, and our shrub and tree removal services get in touch with one of Blaum’s Outdoor Solutions’ team members today! We offer free information about your services. Contact us today!